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I'm Happy You're Here!

Hi, I'm Dani!  Here's a little about me and how holistic nutrition changed my life......

Does thinking about getting ready for the day, trying to sort out what to eat or even what you should be eating, stress you out? Are you googling the latest health trends about what "superfoods" you are supposed to be eating or what work outs are best to “stay in shape” or “attain that ideal beach body" only to find it discouraging and depressing you even more?  Not too long ago that was 100% me!

I used to live a pretty wild and crazy lifestyle and when I decided to turn things around my big focus was on "getting healthy and fit".  I jumped straight into the latest healthy trends, working out 5-6 times a week and counting calories.  On top of all that I was also trying to balance a social life of over committing myself to everything, working crazy hours and trying to make sure every aspect of my life was going the way it was supposed to and never taking the time to stop and actually listen to what my body was telling me.

Finally it did! I was physically and mentally exhausted, had trouble sleeping, and the imbalances in my body had made it so it was painful to eat or even drink water.  My stress and anxiety was through the roof.  After multiple visits to specialists and doctors and feeling so unheard by many of them I started looking into what I was putting into and how I was treating my body.  This is when I found the power of food and listening to my own body.  I was amazed by how BIG of an effect the small changes were making in how I felt.  The brain fog started to lift, I was sleeping better, my anxiety and stress levels were subsiding. I felt overall comfortable and balanced in my body again.

I enrolled at CSNN Vancouver/Victoria and have never looked back.  The knowledge that I have gained and will continue to learn is so empowering that I can only hope to share it with so many others. I look forward to working with you and hope that your journey with Holistic Nutrition is as empowering and fulfilling as you imagine!

My Coaching Philosophy

You are unique! There is nobody else like you in the world and that is your superpower. This is why you will not find a one-size-fits all cookie cutter approach in my services. Your Food and Soul journey is one that is collaborative, customized, and together we will build a path that aligns with your goals and desires. Through 1-1 coaching sessions, and accountability check-ins we will work
together to design a plan that seamlessly fits into your life. My job is not to structure a quick fix diet but to teach you the skills and tools you need while supporting you along the way while you learn to create a beautiful balanced life where food is fun and your soul is happy!

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